Marine Drive Road Reconstruction & Slope Stabilisation

Port Stephens Council
Fingal Bay, NSW
Marine Drive at Fingal Bay was severely damaged by a landslide in March 2021. The project involved reinstating road infrastructure, upgrading stormwater drainage, and stabilising the sand dune batter.

The Challenge

Marine Drive at Fingal Bay was heavily damaged by a landslide during a natural disaster in March 2021, causing part of the road to collapse and necessitating immediate closure. The challenge was to reinstate the road infrastructure along the failure zone, which included upgrading the stormwater drainage system, constructing new asphalt road pavement, and stabilising the sand dune batter. Additional challenges involved managing traffic and pedestrian control, implementing sediment and erosion control measures to protect the environment, ensuring access for residents and services, and stabilising the sand dune batter.

The Solution

The solution was to stabilise the sand dune with soil nails and meshing, upgrade the stormwater drainage infrastructure to withstand intense weather events, reconstruct 1000m2 of road pavement and improve pedestrian safety with the construction of new footpaths with handrails. With our main priority of protecting the beautiful Fingal Bay from any further damage from construction activities.

Scope of Works:

  • Reinstatement of Marine Drive due to the severe weather experienced in 2021
  • Site management, including subcontractor management, traffic/pedestrian control implementations & managing all site HSEQ
  • Demolition of existing pavement, kerb & driveways
  • Bulk earthworks 
  • Road pavement construction (1000𝑚2 
  • Stabilise the large batter & implement erosion control measures
  • Stormwater upgrade including pipework, kerb entry units, lintels, in-situ pits & subsoils to withstand against greater intense weather events
  • Concrete works including footpath, kerb & gutter, laybacks & driveways
  • Handrail along footpath
  • Landscaping (re-spreading of topsoil & mulched areas)

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